Friday, March 30, 2012

My Ultimate Mixer

Give me a good cocktail and good conversation and I'm pretty darn happy.There are definintely a few spots in Chicago that hit the nail on the head when it comes to mixing a delicious drink.

Most know of The Violet Hour, and it's worth every bit of the $12 they charge for a drink. I stick with vodka & gin as my primary alcohol, and every item on their menu is beautiful and delicious. Granted, I won't go when there is a line (that's a rule of mine since college) and I think their service is a little on the slow side, but once you have a drink in hand, it's the perfect spot.

The Barrelhouse Flat is also amazing. I believe one of the owners used to be a mixologist with the Violet Hour, and it shows, with a similar flare in their drinks.The atmostphere on the 2nd level is perfection and I pretty much recommend it to everyone in Lincoln Park.

My last can't miss spot is Acre in Andersonville. The food & drinks make for a perfect date night.

Greg has become my at-home mixologist. We've recently ventured into a bottle of St. Germain.  I was feeling splurgy one night. Mixed with Champagne will wow you. The vieux mot is delicious and our current drink of choice. In fact, I have one in hand now. Check this site out for every recipe you could imagine with St. Germain.

I can't wait for summer punches.

I'd love to hear if you have any must-experience spots for a great drink.

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