Sunday, March 25, 2012

2 Days in Savannah

Savannah, GA is one of my sweet spots in this country. I've had the opportunity to get to know this charming town the past couple of years and found myself there again last week. Sweet tea, shrimp & grits, and sunshine. That's a recipe for a happy Rachel.

One of my favorite things to do when traveling for work is going out for a run, just to wander through the area and hope to find fun spots along the way. It's a great way to scope out the town, and you're able to cover a lot more territory than just walking.

In my visits to Savannah, I always make it a point to take a run or walk through Forsyth Park.  I can't imagine a person not loving this park. It is absolutely beautiful with fountains, trees, and people enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities; tennis, rugby, personal training, jogging, picnicking, playing with their dogs. It's heavenly. Go there!

I will also go on record of saying that I had the best meal in my memory at The Olde Pink House in Savannah. This was 2 years ago, and since then I haven't stopped recommending it. It's an evening to remember, and your stomach will thank you. My meal consisted of fresh flounder, grits, the best fried green tomatoes, all their specialties.

I prefer shopping for home goods any day to clothing, and One Fish Two Fish as well as No.411 fit the bill.  Can my condo looks like one of these shops like... tomorrow?

My latest discover just last week, was a bakery that screamed my name. This girl right here enjoys her sweet treats! Back in the Day Bakery is a little off the beaten path, and well worth it. I enjoyed a late lunch of Back * Onion Jam Panini and an Old Fashioned cupcake. YUMM. And... I bought their new cookbook which has both of these recipes in it! I see lots of flour & sugar scattered in my kitchen in the near future.

A few days in Savannah is definitely good for the soul. If you make it there, put these spots on your itinerary and you are in for a great time.

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